Andrew Wargo & Keith Jette

Andrew Wargo Andrew Wargo is a primarily self-taught artist, originally from Orlando, but now based in Fort Walton Beach. Wargo began his artistic endeavors at a young age and later supplemented his journey with formal art classes. Drawing upon inspiration from his surroundings, Andrew Wargo seeks to immerse himself in the local art community. He has been a juried artist showing in the Mattie Kelly Art Foundation’s Destin Festival of the Arts over the years. His artwork and background information is on

Keith Jette is the owner of Wicked Paint in Ft. Walton Beach, a paint shop for motorcycles and hot rods. His unique custom artwork ranges from automotive, to canvas and tattoo work. Last year, based on his artistic talents, Jette was featured on the national TV show, Skin Wars. The show reached out to Jette after being impressed with his artwork on Instagram. More information on Jette can be found at